Advertising 101 for New Real Estate Agents

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August 29, 2017 by realestateresource

     When I first got started in the real estate business, I jumped in, head first, and found myself feeling like a duck – completely calm on the outside (ok maybe not completely), but paddling like crazy under water!  A positive sense of direction is important when you are first starting out, even if you don’t necessarily stick to that path throughout your career.
     It is important to really think through what kind of agent you want to be, and how you intend to accomplish this. Setting up a good marketing plan is key to using time and resources wisely, especially because in the beginning it can often feel like you don’t have much of either.
     In the beginning, I was ready to take all and any business, and also any and all advertising. However, advertising all over the place is ineffective, and you will quickly see your money go down the drain. Come up with a plan, stick to it and adjust as you begin to see results. Here’s how!

What is your farm area?

Does that bring back the real estate school terminology to you or what!? Think of your clients like crops on a farm. You have to water them, fertilize them, nurture them, grow them, and then pick them. Right now, you are a new agent and no one knows anything about you yet! It takes time to cultivate a brand, a name, and most importantly, trust.
And remember, Location, Location, Location. 
In choosing a farm area, sometimes it is best to pick a place you already know or live in (or have lived in), so you already have some base knowledge on your side. Tap in to your local connections and find some local mentors. My biggest competitors are the people I look up to the most, and speak with the most frequently. People who have been in this field for years are a great resource. Starting from Scratch is ok too, but make sure you have a broker or mentor who


 can help you along the way! Don’t go too far in terms of reach, but rather, go deep, stay consistent, and stick to that area. You will eventually see results. Referrals are the best source of leads, but it will take some time, and sales under your belt to really begin reaping what you have sewn.

How are you going to market to your area?

This will really depend on your budget, and how you work best. Regardless of what you choose, just makes sure you make time for it and that you see it though! If you are tech savvy and want to work on organic leads or SEO, go for that; if you are better face to face, then go door knocking an
d meet your neighbors! Play to your strengths and connect with your buyer’s and sellers in ways they want to be connected with. You will find the sort of buy
ers and sellers you want based on the ways that you advertise.   Establish your budget per month, and/or proper property. Frequency can vary based on your production and methods of advertising (i.e. post cards, phone calls, videos, vlogs,status updates on social media, etc).  All aspects of your marketing plan should coincide and complement one another.

Who should you be advertising to? What should you be advertising?

It’s not always about “advertising.”  Sometimes it’s just about maintaining past and current relationships and keeping in contact. Your database should include, of course your friends, family, friends of family and so on but also people you have sold to in the past or people who are not yet ready to buy or sell. You should match your advertising material to who you are trying to reach. For instance, people you have sold to should get an update on their property value every 6 months, whereas renters you reach out to should get information about incentives and first time home buyer tips. Who else can you advertise to? How about Snow bird, renters, tenants and apartment complexes? You will find lots of people who rent, who don’t think they can qualify to buy but can! What about estate attorneys, divorce attorney and overseas investors? Sometimes a lunch goes a long way! If you want to find sellers, make a few calls to some For Sale By Owner property owners. This can be a great challenge but will also build your confidence and your listings! Each potential client will require a different approach but there are tons of way to find buyers and sellers with out a ton of money spent. Remember that if you don’t ask for the business you will not get it.
Every single day we have the option to make meaningful connections with people. Setting yourself apart in our business, and being unique, is what gives you an edge.
Think outside the box, and do not be afraid to be visible. Share you knowledge and share your expertise. Stay organized, and you will be effective. A good real estate career does not happen over night. You get what you give!
 Thanks for reading!

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