Top 5 things Real Estate Agents should look for in a CRM

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August 16, 2017 by realestateresource

What is a CRM and why do you need one? A CRM is a contacts relationship manager and if you choose the right one and use it effectively, it will be your best friend in the real estate business. It’s easy to remember who you are currently working with but what about your past clients, or buyers and sellers who won’t be ready for 3-6 months? There are a ton of CRM’s out there to choose from and deciding what’s going to work best for you can be difficult. I myself have tried about 3 or 4 and have finally been able to lock in to one I love. Here is what matters the most!

1) Mobility 

Mobility may seem unimportant, but no successful agent is sitting in their office all day long every day. That being said a mobile app, or at least a mobile friendly site will help you maximize the use of your CRM. Having it available to you across all platforms will make sure you are able to keep it


up to date with accurate and current information.

2) Drip Campaigns 

Automation is awesome. Customizable automation is even better. A drip campaign allows you to stay in contact with your leads, past clients, and others in your industry without having to actually write out individual emails. Have a new buyer? Set them up on a drip campaign and they will receive continual, relevant information and check-ins from you automatically. I do recommend personalizing some of those email templates to each clients individual needs. A quick personal touch goes a long way.

3) Automatic Input 

Lead forwarding is my most favorite thing. If a lead comes in from Zillow, it should automatically feed in to your CRM.  Make sure your CRM does this and is compatible with the lead sources you use so no one falls through the cracks. This is a great feature, so you can just go in and add notes later on!

4) Tasks 

Hold yourself accountable. Notifications and reminders are a great way to help you do this. My CRM offers text, email, and phone call reminders that don’t let me forget important dates, appointments, follow-up calls, and inspections. A good CRM will help you manage leads and transactions simultaneously.

5) Reports 

Sure, we all set goals but how do we track them? Track your closings, pending transactions, deals won, and deals lost. How many listings did you have, how many sales? Per quarter? Per year? How much are you spending per lead, and where do most of your leads come from? These reports will help you fine tune your advertising, cut costs,  and will help you to strengthen your weaknesses.
 A good CRM is money well spent. A CRM you are actually going to use is a must. Measure your potential growth and make sure that database will grow with you. Keep it organized at all times, and update it daily. The more accurate and frequent your information updates are, the more frequently you will close leads, and keep them with your continual communication.
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